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Tom Ramsey
Best Selling Author, Assertiveness Instructor & 5th Degree Master Black Belt
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Isn’t it time to STOP feeling like bullying is out of your hands?

Bullying may be a common occurrence in the world, but with Tom’s new book you will receive everything you need to Stop Bullying once and for all.

Begin to embody the confidence you or your child needs to keep bullies at bay and get them to back off!

Have you experienced bullying?

Are you scared for the safety of your child?

Has your child missed significant school time or concentration because of fears around bullying?

It’s not just teasing and it’s not playing around or hazing: bullying is a serious problem.

Get The Wisdom From 5th Degree Master Black Belt & Assertiveness Instructor Tom Ramsey and Watch the Bullies Back Off Right Away!

Tom’s “Hot Off The Press” Book is The REAL Game Changer For Anyone Who Is Ready To End Bullying Once And For All…

Whether bullies have targeted you, your child, or if you simply want to prevent the experience from ever happening, Tom’s book will teach you stop bullies in their tracks.
Tom’s book gives you core essentials without the fluff: learn the core essentials inspired from years of teaching his Personal Assertiveness Training (PAT) to hundreds of people.

Tom Ramsey Hi there! This is Tom.

Years ago, I had my own experience of being bullied. It wasn’t just that these people (who were just looking to feel superior) were playing tricks on me or saying obnoxious things in the hallway.

These bullies were taking away more than my milk or food at lunch time. What they were really doing was taking away my dignity.

After several years of this–and you know, I had my own problems to worry about at home–I was getting worn down. There were days that I didn’t really want to go to school.

As I found out later, it turns out that this sort of situation isn’t that uncommon. I wasn’t alone.

Have you or your child experienced bullying? Well, did you know that…

• Over 160,000 students in the United States stay home from school each and every day because of fears around being bullied.

• About one in three students will be bullied on a playground.

These astounding figures show how common bullying is–and I know for a fact that bullying is also an issue for adults, although we may not talk about it as much.

Fortunately in my teens I was able to start taking karate classes, and very soon after, the bullies stopped bothering me.

Now, it’s not what you are thinking–I didn’t get into any epic fights or showdowns, and I didn’t brag to everyone around that I was taking karate.

The truth is that some of the more subtle lessons from martial arts helped me to build my confidence and know my surroundings in such a way that bullies just knew that I wasn’t a person they could mess with anymore. I stopped being a target, although those bullies still went on to bother other people.

It’s always bothered me that people experience bullying when they shouldn’t have to. I am rooting for you, if you feel like an underdog, here!

And you can quickly turn the situation around by reading my new book, Slaying The Giants: The ABCs to STOP A Bully.

After decades of teaching martial arts, I want to share the most important lessons that will stop any bully in their tracks.

You don’t need to use physical violence to stop a bully. In fact, these days it’s not such a great idea to come to blows, because you or a child you care about could become embroiled in a lawsuit.

It’s much better to end bullying with a nonviolent, yet assertive, method.

My book has everything you need to stop a bully in their tracks.

If you or anyone that you care about have experienced bullying, then buy my book or give it as a gift, today!

Together, we can make this the last generation that will ever experience bullying.
I am on a mission to stop this once and for all, through the simple and easy lessons I have to share, honed from many years of teaching and study!
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Famous Quotes & Affirmations to Build Confidence
Stop a bully in their tracks with this free ebook filled with powerful and moving quotes that will help you or a child you care about to build self confidence. With an increased confidence boost, you will be more empowered to stop bullying in it’s tracks and let people know that you cannot be messed with today.
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“The Secret”
Learn the number #1 secret in preventing a bully attack. This one-page PDF will make the main lesson of the book Slaying The Giants crystal clear.
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“Professional Assertiveness Techniques”
Prevent a bully by showing up in the world with more assertiveness. Stop bullying in it’s tracks when you learn how to be more assertive.
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Online Video Training Series on Diffusing a Situation with Self-Defense
Watch the top quick-and-fast tips for stopping a bully, on video from 5th Degree Master Black Belt Tom Ramsey. If you find yourself in a difficult situation with a bully, this 6-Part Video Series will teach you exactly what to do to diffuse the situation immediately!
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What Are Others Saying?

“Tom has written an important book for anyone who has a desire to feel better about themselves. And if bullying is an issue you have found yourself in the right place at the right time by reading this book. This book will raise your level of confidence if and when you follow the author’s fabulous recommendations.  Engaging, practical and inspiring. I highly recommend this book”.

– Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

“Tom Ramsey’s Slaying The Giants is a timely and relevant work on the realities of bullying. Tom speaks from personal experience and decades of teaching, and his ABCs approach to combat bullying provides a clear and effective pathway to stop the harmful effects so many experience from bullies. This book is a short and easy read with good tips for both parents and children”.

– Bill Kipp, Black Belt Hall of Fame Self Defense Instructor and Author of “Turning Fear Into Power”

“One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is that of confidence and self esteem. We all want to see our kids walk through life with their heads held high, and when there’s a bully on the horizon we can see their hearts break and their confidence falter. Tom’s techniques are smart, effective & easy to apply both to our own lives and to implement with our children. Bravo.”

– Colleen Aynn, International Bestselling Author of the Feeling Friends

“Slaying the Giants, the ABC’s to stop Bullying, is truly a great book. If you are being bullied and want to know what it will take to stop it, then this is the book for you. This gem of a book will empower you and build your self-confidence so you can overcome the fear of being bullied and prevent any future bully attacks. The technique Is simple but highly effective in a non-violent way. I highly recommend this much needed book!”

– Judy O’Beirn, International Bestselling Author of Unwavering Strength book series


NOW ONLY $15.95 USD!
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When you or a child…
Experience bullying…
Feel unsure of what to do…
Feel unsure of what to do…
Feel embarrassed or frustrated…
Wonder if you are out of control or helpless…
Desire a new sense of self confidence…
Are ready for an end to bullying, with a nonviolent solution…
…then you need “The ABCs To STOP A Bully”. Read my book and follow the plan, step by step.  I know it will make a difference for you.

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About The Author

Tom Ramsey is an author and a dedicated martial artist who has earned the level of fifth-degree master black belt. Tom has spent the past forty years teaching students successful and safe conflict-resolution skills.

He is very passionate about helping people raise their own levels of confidence and self-respect. Tom is the creator of a successful web-based, Assertiveness Training Program for both children and adults. This Online video program will help raise a persons confidence levels and boost their self-esteem. This program will safely and effectively teach a person, young or old, how to STOP a bully’s verbal or physical assault. Tom is committed to ending the global problem of bullying in this generation.

For more information about Tom and his bullying-prevention programs, please send your questions and comments to